Find out how bio-identical hormone replacement therapy from Dr. Jerrel Emery is helping men and women in San Diego feel their best.

Feel like your best self with BioTE® bioidentical hormone therapy

At Dr. J's Elegant Reflections Med Spa, we believe in delivering the quality of care that will help you look and feel your best. We are pleased to offer the latest in anti-aging medicine, BioTE® bio-identical hormone therapy, to patients from all over San Diego.

An important aspect of health and wellness is hormonal balance. With age, men and women experience changes to physical and psychological health as various sex hormones decline. Sometimes these changes are subtle, such as a drop in energy levels. Sometimes, they are dramatic, causing upheaval in every aspect of life. Whether you are in the midst of menopause or andropause, or you have just begun your journey, a simple blood test can alert you to hormonal imbalance at the root of unpleasant symptoms.

We understand that you have choices in how you manage your aging process. When you schedule a consultation for bio-identical hormone therapy in ourTemecula, CA office, Dr. Emery will answer all of your questions and help you identify ways that pellet therapy can meet your needs for optimizing hormones like testosterone or estrogen.

Did you know . . . 
  • Low testosterone can adversely affect women as well as men
  • Hormonal imbalance can increase your risk for osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer's
  • Low levels of hormones like testosterone are an indicator for anxiety, depression, and other concerning symptoms

Hormone balancing customized to your needs

In recent years, the issue of hormone replacement therapy has become somewhat complex. Certain research studies have demonstrated potentially ill-effects stemming from the use of synthetic hormones. In his career as an OBGYN, Dr. Emery witnessed how these early methods fell short of the intended goal.

With the development of bio-identical hormone therapy, we have seen a renewed interest in integrative care using natural ingredients. The benefit of bioidentical hormones, as opposed to synthetic creams and drugs, is that the chemical structure of individual ingredients works in con cert with the body. Because bio-identical hormones are essentially a replica of your own, you gain the ability to regain a better quality of life without the inherent risks associated with previous forms of treatment.

Why BioTE®

Ingredients are only one aspect of successful results from bioidentical hormone replacement. The BioTE® method, in which Dr. Emery has been thorough trained, involves precise testing that allows us to customize your treatment to your unique needs. Assessing specific lab work, we can identify exactly which hormones you need and how much.

An additional advantage to BioTE® therapy is the delivery method. Rather than relying on the absorption of creams or metabolism of oral medication, BioTE® promotes hormone balance through pellets. In a simple, comfortable procedure, the appropriate number of pellets are inserted beneath the skin. Here, they are readily available to use as the body needs.

Are you ready to sleep soundly again? To feel stronger and have an easier time maintaining a he althy weight? To feel like your best self? We are happy to speak with you about bio-identical hormone therapy. Contact us at 619-589-0028.

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is giving men and women in San Diego the vitality to remain active as they age! Call Dr. Jerrel Emery at 619-589-0028